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EZ Doorknob Grips makes it easy to turn round and awkward doorknobs. It’s great for people with arthritis, young children, and senior citizens who may have trouble gripping the door handle. Its comes in a pack of 2, and it's a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars in door-lever replacements.


Features & Benefits

  • Open doors effortlessly
  • Lower cost than a door-lever replacement
  • Fits most doorknobs
  • Includes glow-in-the-dark inserts for nighttime visibility
  • Keyhole is accessible


  • Dimensions of Product: 3" x 2", 1.6" Diameter
  • 2 Pack Dimensions: 7" L x 3 W x 2" H; 0.2 lbs
  • Case of 24 Dimensions: 9" L x 9" W x 9" H; 4 lbs



My significant other suffers from a hand tendon problem and these grips make it so much easier to open doors. Highly recommended.

- By Maplover (Sacramento, Ca)

Works great !!! I am a full time dental hygienist with arthritis, carpal tunnel and tendonitis in my hands, especially the right hand. First thing in the morning I have to let my dogs out to the fenced back yard and it had become quite a struggle to grip the door knob. Did not want to replace it with a lever knob, darn dogs might have figured out how to open the door. This gripper works great!! Not easy to get on, keep working it at from side to side. Now that it's in place I'm very happy that I bought it!!!

- By Sarge (CNY) November 10, 2011

These things are awesome! At first I was hesitant about if they were going to fit on an abnormally large door knob but they worked fine. I have a backdoor with a handle that's very hard to turn, it does not bold well with my mom who's starting to get arthritis, she is much happier with the door handle now with the great grips on them. It gives it a much better grip so it can be turned easier, and they were so easy to install.

- By Ian November 4, 2011


  • Who are EZ Doorknob Grips for?

    It’s great for people with arthritis, young children, and senior citizens who may have trouble gripping the door handle.

  • Is it “Easy” to turn doorknobs with EZ Doorknob Grips?

    Yes, because it transforms “awkward” round doorknobs into easy-to-turn levers.

  • How “Easy” is it to install?

    Very Easy! Simply soak EZ Doorknob Grips in hot water and slide it over your door handle.

  • Do EZ Doorknob Grips provide better grip?

    Yes, lever-shape makes turning round doorknobs... Effortless.

  • Do they glow in the dark?

    Yes, it includes removable glow-in-the-dark inserts that make it easy to see the doorknob at night.

  • What is the warranty?

    All Able Life products have a limited 1-year warranty. For any questions, please call (800) 506-9901


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