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Space Saver Walker


"I started a New Fad at our Retirement Community, and several people have ordered this walker because it's GREAT! In fact I just purchased one for my husband Cecil. They are so handy, either in a car, traveling on transportation, wherever your little legs want to go. IT'S ALSO VERY LIGHT AND EASY TO MANAGE. We love 'em!

Cecil and Eunice Treadway - 1/15/2016




"I like the E-Z Walker because it's portable, lightweight & easy to use and store.

James Neale - 11/29/2015








Universal Floor To Ceiling Grab Bar


"My partner LOVES the floor to ceiling grab bar. He had fallen in the shower and the new pole helps his balance and confidence. It is so easy to put together and adjust so that it securely fits anywhere."

Eric Fugii - 11/16/2015





"This pole allows me to get out of bed by myself. I could not live without it!"

Patricia Gulledge - 7/7/2015








Able Tray


"Initial experience is good. My wife, a dementia patient can now get out of her recliner, where she could not before. Thanks Stander!"

Robert Danner - 12/12/2015






"I purchased the Able Tray for my husband following his hip replacement surgery. The handle has made it so much easier to stand, and the swinging tray allows him to sit comfortably on the couch while eating, reading, and provides a place for his phone and the TV remote and drinks. He loves it so much, he wants to keep it up even after he doesn't need it anymore!"

Kelly Schwandt - 11/13/2015








"At 98 mom feels safe getting out of bed no more finding her on the floor. Thank you Stander!"

Ray Harper - 12/17/2015







"Very well made and sturdy. I fell out of bed a few times before purchase and now I feel confident for my safety!"

Stanley Rubinstein - 12/6/2015







"Keeps my father-in-law from falling out of bed. That is keeping him from going into a nursing home. Every day not in a nursing home is a good day."

Rosa Fuqua - 7/22/15







"Mark purchased this for me to assist me in getting in and out of my bed.  It is much more than that, I feel more secure that I will not fall out of bed which was happening very often so now I am sleeping better.  Excellent product."

Larry Savage - 5/15/2015








Bedside Mighty Rail


"This is a great help with my hip surgery. My husband also has one. We take it when we travel. My husband can’t get out of bed without it. It is great for storage of books, eye glasses, medicines, cell phone, just about all your needs. I was so glad when we found this great helper"

Beatrice Davis - 6/8/2015